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Photos and Image Quality

Why windows Internet Explorer is shrinking jpg's and graphics?
How to get rid of the option "Expand to regular size"?

In IE select Tools, Internet Options, select Advanced tab.
Scroll down to Multimedia, and untick "Enable Automatic Image resizing"

Very often during networking you will need to manipulate pictures and photos.
Here are some guidelines:

Screen Resolution Size: 460 x 300 pixels X 16 Million colors Screen Resolution is perfect for email but not advised for quality processing. They are approximately the same size as the actual photos you have developed. As an average a pictures with screen Resolution 460 x 300 pixels takes about 30 KB

High Resolution Maximum Size: 1536 x 1024 pixels X 16 Million colors They are ideal for making high-quality prints, advanced graphics projects, and professional printing on photographic printers. As an average a pictures with high resolution 1536 x 1024 takes about 400 KB

For an average of quality and size the advised parameters are: 800 x 600 pixels 24 Bits per pixel 16 Million colors

Display Properties and Pictures
Elaborate scanned photographs may need a higher screen resolution. Your monitor and display adapter determine whether you can change your screen resolution. In the Color Palette list, click the number of colors that you want your monitor to display.

Tools to use to manipulate general type graphics and photos

A good software should support TWAIN scanning, GIF Transparency, Floating Text, Multiple-level Undo, Automatic image scrolling, Flip, Mirror, Rotate, Resize, Resample, Crop, Filters, and different format as JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIFF...

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