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ProgID table produces error during run time but validation of MSI is OK
260 characters limit in shortcut's targets Windows not MSI/Setup Limitation
Replacing Non-versioned Files User Data with companion files
New tools to Import VBS JPG - Unable to place file in stream - MSIDB
Remove registry info entries for all users in system or just current owner
Replacing Non-versioned Files User Data with companion files
ARPPRODUCTICON OK for XP not for W2K Add/Remove Programs
Msidb Command Line Folder Path MSI name limitations
Do NOT Associate Extension set flag file types as No Open in Verb Table
Property for All Users Shared Documents or CA?
File Hidden Attribute after installation - Source in CAB files
Advertised applications - option /jm - problem advertising shortcuts
Error 1925 You do not have sufficient privileges
Help Launch Automated Message After Product Build
Sample Code Create Word Macros Translation Localization Automation
MSM Validation - ATL.MSM - Documentation
Computer Terminology Microsoft Glossaries
Create your own custom application with Word macros
NT 4.0 Server to XP ok but error XP to NT 4.0 - Advice welcomed
Sripts for Natural Language Translation (Code still archived since 1996)
UNIX 2 IBM script - Localization
Professional Translation Software Standard Version
Check Spelling with Internet Explorer
Simple automation to search with string
Automatic Natural Language Translation System
Professional Translation Software Standard Version
UNIX Sripts for Natural Language Translation (Code still archived since 1996)
UNIX filter - remove all HTML codes - Automation
Tek-Tips Forums, and all my platform sdk messages, Google participation

Home Decoration Premium Gifts & Candle Boutique

Southern Belle Boutique

Enjoy the pleasures of getting unique elegant gifts from France. Fast shipping from USA. Flat rate. Our items are not remake, imitations, or look-a-likes, they are genuine products made in the country of origin, by artisans and craftmen (Provencal, Peruvian, US Vintage). Do not give imitations, not to yourself, nor to your friends! We also sell scented candles, candle lamps, china, ceramic, bisque porcelain, and glasswork… products from Peru, Imports, France... We are serving the Gurley Madison County North Alabama area.  We offer candles, candleholders, specialty aromas, scented tea lights, floating candles, variety of colors, perfumes, clear candles, gas light, churches, candle shops, ceramics, glassware, iron work, huge selection of fragrances, candle bowls, accessories for weddings, showers, schools, corporate events...
Selling quality antiques and gifts for any occasion, decorative, attractive southern home decoration, elegant accessories, imported products, heirloom quality friendly shopping in Albertville, Arab, Ardmore, Athens, Boaz, Brooksville, Cullman, Decatur, Deckerd-TN, Elgin, Elkton-TN, Elora-TN, Eva, Falkville, Fayetteville-TN, Florence, Good Hope, Greenbrier, Guntersville, Gurley, Hartselle, Harvest, Hazel Green, Huntland-TN, Huntsville, Killen, Meridianville, Mooresville, Moulton, Muscle Shoals, New Market, Plevna, Priceville, Pulaski-TN, Redstone Arsenal, Rogersville, Scottsboro, Winchester-TN.
I will help you stand apart from the competition

Affordable Services and Solutions for Home-Based Businesses, Entrepreneurs, Self Employed, Artisans. Consulting services for artisans, self-employed, entrepreneurs. Advertise sales of products commerce opportunities direct reseller warehouses. Contact me to get a strong consultant partner without middlemen.

Gurley Town Community History
Madison County Alabama USA

Gurley town web site history, pictures, contacts, great relocation information, help gurley residents to sale products, assistant for home-based businesses promotions for entrepreneurs Real estate property residential family history Alabama Gurley 35748. quiet safe community southern life minutes from Huntsville Redstone NASA Intergraph PPG Boeing beautiful residential suburban realty commercial easy access affordable real estate investments. Provides a history and virtual visit of this town. Includes pictures and slideshow, businesses, organizations, message board and contact information.
Gurley compelling stories Civil War union troops photos southern icon interesting events pride in strategic location potential to regain former prosperity promote consulting services business

Residence Stella di Mare
Corsica is the ideal location for your holiday. It is an island of sunshine to escape to, where nature has been conserved in all its ruggedness.  Between Porto Vecchio and Solenzara on the pearl coast. Corsica (Corse), the third-largest island in the Mediterranean, is a wild and beautiful place, still one of the most unspoiled destinations in Europe. The coastline is glorious, with rugged, windswept cliffs, wonderful beaches, and unpolluted sea. Inland are remote mountains, chestnut forests, clear lakes and streams—a paradise for walkers.

French Vacation Holiday Residence In Corsica Location Residence Porto Vecchio

Performer Look-Alike Singer Songwriter
Actress Manouchka imitates Tina Turner
Tina Turner Look-Alike Imitator and Singer, walks, dresses even laughs like Tina, sings, imitates, impersonates, actress, singer, pop artist, Haitian French English culture, public events

Performer official double for Tina Turner look-alike with wealth of talent to explore Manouchka is an actress and a model but her first true love is music obvious when she performs originally from Haiti dividing her time between Montreal Paris Los Angeles. Hatian, French Spanish, English singer

French Provence and Petanque Clubs Florida
Alabama South USA Partners for Wholesalers

Members new petanque clubs bring income with fun sport games travel events group of players sponsored by wholesalers sale products entertaining marketing promote goods with tournaments reseller partner in business improve sales Franco-American advertising. For persons and companies dealing with imports or exports to or from France or for persons and companies wishing to enter the French import or export markets and for suppliers of goods or services to any French or US importers or exporters.
Florida Alabama Tourism Petanque Jacques Biaggini Provence Corsica France Sport Club

Support Consultant Service Software Technical Assistant

Tools, Industrial Databases, glossaries, books, language sites, plain-text documents, Vbscripts, Word Macro, MSI automation, support and FAQ... ContactEZ Customers Support Site, Office Automation Solutions Since 1990
From Huntsville, Alabama - USA, Companion for Translators and Multilingual Users Free Online Technical Support
Software and utilities for professionals Services offered on the web since 1995, Free In-House Support for Gurley Only...
Keep track of questions already asked during previous networking experiences If you are searching for a solution and I am not presently accessible, it may provide a rapid answer to your question
Member of technical professional web community Tek-Tips Forums, and platform sdk (member name dgschnei)

Domestic & International Links and Multi-Cultural Sites
French in USA / Français aux USA
(Solenzara, Aix-en-Provence, Florida, Alabama)

Provence France

Home Decoration Candles and Gifts free but very slow $39 for 6 month
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Advertising Alabama
Seasonal Gifts
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Wounded In America:

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