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Video Conferencing - Protection / Vulnerability

Installing NetMeeting
NetMeeting is a free conferencing program.
Open My Computer
Go to C:\Program Files\NetMeeting and open the NetMeeting directory (folder).
Find the file named Conf.EXE, and double-click the file to start the installation wizard.

You can also click Start, select Programs > Accessories > Communications > NetMeeting . This will also start the installation wizard.

NetMeeting and Connecting Using IP Addresses
To find the IP address you currently have
If you are using NetMeeting it is very simple:
Start NetMeeting, go to Help and then select About Windows NetMeeting. (You IP address will be listed at the bottom of the dialog box named "About Windows NetMeeting".
If you are using Win95, press the START button and enter WINIPCFG.EXE
In WinNT, XP go to a DOS prompt and enter IPCONFIG.EXE.

You can also use another software as for example: TimbuktuPro 2000.

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