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How can the English/French Nucleus help me?

The English French Nucleus is a technical dictionary with Thesaurus and lots of examples.

Have you ever wanted to know what circumstance beyond our control or armour plated side is in French?
Did you ever encountered terms as ARMA, or IACS, AWD-OD - all wheel drive on demand ? or idioms as by opening the media package, you accept these terms...?
Have you seen French terms as cavalier intérieur de réglage? or expressions as compte débiteur de comptabilité commerciale? what does SEM mean in French? or what is INS?
Have you ever needed to be assisted during a technical translation?

The English French Nucleus is a bi-directional database. It will give you the answers. It is a very comprehensive English/French terminology glossary. I created this database day after day, year after year since 1990. I constantly update, maintain, and extend it.

After installation of the executable and of the Nucleus File System on your machine, search for the following examples, or as many other as you want, you will notice that the Nucleus is a great source of information and can really support you when you create your own databases.

Each record of the Nucleus is composed of three fields of information:
the English field, the general information field as gender, tense..., and the French field.

Examples from the English/French Nucleus:

Search for: alignment
DSCAN Answers: alignment parallélisme n. m. - autom. - see: front end
Search for: ventilation grille
DSCAN Answers: vent / ventilation grille ouie n. f. - autom. - see: dashboard
Search for: rear-wheel
DSCAN Answers: rear-wheel drive / rear wheel drive - RWD transmission arrière n. f. - autom. -common difficulty- - see: front wheel drive (This means it has a thesaurus entry associated)
Search for: angularity
DSCAN Answers: angularity tolerance tolérance d'inclinaison n. f. - cad/cam rel.
Search for: ébauche (French Source)
DSCAN Answers: rough draft ébauche n. f. - cad/cam rel.
Search for: tuple
DSCAN Answers: tuple nuplet / n-uplet - cad/cam rel. - see: row record
Search for: average end
DSCAN Answers: average end area volume / average-end-area volume cubature par section moyenne n. f. - civil eng. - land surv. - see: rollover

More examples:

Search for: laïcité
DSCAN Answers: secularity
Search for: trade show
DSCAN Answers: salon professionnel
Search for: linge de maison
DSCAN Answers: household linen
Search for: tableware
DSCAN Answers: arts de la table
Search for: party setting
DSCAN Answers: décors de fête
Search for: costume jewelry
DSCAN Answers: bijouterie fantaisie
Search for: purchasing group
DSCAN Answers: centrale d'achat

To see more about the advantages of the English/French Nucleus, test-drive DSCAN-UDM