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My utilities and ASCII User Database Manager allow the user to keep track of collection of items, exchange data with other colleagues, catalog any items, query listing, record information, maintain UDB integrity between projects, create technical glossaries, work using bulk process capabilities, reuse / recuperate data, and preserve terminology databases. I also work on HTML and plain text translation assistant tools using different automatic search-and-replace text modules. I offer my services, software independence, support, consulting, customization, comprehensive translation, and localization solutions, office automation, tools for personal desktop or small business solutions.

DSCAN - User Database Manager - DS-Utilities

Save Space Plain-text file format is used for the Nucleus and user databases. The information contents do not suffer in any way by being under the text format. All unnecessary formatting data and space fillers are un-existing. DSCAN is English/French information without gimmicks. Plain-text documents equals freedom!
DSCAN-UDM DSCAN-User Database Manager utility will allow you to manage all your Project/User Databases as a single entity, to create glossaries, to extract entries, to maintain UDB integrity between projects, and much more... Those plain-text databases can then be used as a phone book to maintain customers' addresses, to translate plain-text and/or HTML files, or any other information you want to manage and access rapidly.
DS-Utilities DSCAN-UDM offers search utilities as DSfind, multiple search and replace in multiple folders on targeted files, program finds and replaces strings in ASCII Files in folders and subfolders. DSgrep search and replace in one folder, Auto-Replace Pro. Other tools as EFI2WAL, WAL2EFI, six Sort options, Duplicates, Concatenate, Head/Tail, Format lines, Substitute, and Word Frequency will save you hours of tedious work.
Create Create your own plain-text Project/User Databases in any languages of your choice (English/French, German/Italian , English/German and so on...). You can create as many User Databases as you need. DSCAN allows you to search, sort, modify, or delete your own entries in your own translation databases. The 3 field format allows more than 2 languages per UDB (English/French/Italian, or, English/French/Information, or ...).
Coherence Project/User Databases allow the translator or other PC users to keep a perfect coherence between projects. Being in simple text format, they can be interchanged between any translators or users. No particular software is necessary to share, e-mail, or control translation, terminology, or your information.
Freedom Simple and fast installation. The complete set of files necessary for the installation is less than 4 MB. No other software needed. DSCAN is independent. No third party utilities. You have complete control over your data. The only thing you need is a PC and a word processor. All the plain-text Project/User Databases are in text format, so you can modify YOUR data any time, even without DSCAN. Even if you only have Notepad!
Convenience DSCAN, UDM, DS-Utility, and ASRT bring the convenience of Windows without requiring any particular database engine nor particular software. They feature an intuitive point-and-click interface for viewing, querying creating, adding, deleting, modifying Project/User Databases. Your own databases are then great time-saver when translating plain text and HTML files the way you want.
F1 - Help A complete and detailed on-line help is accessible from any DSCAN dialog boxes. Just press the F1 key to get on-context help. Also, we will be glad to answer any of your questions, by e-mail, Fax, phone, or conventional mail.
Nucleus The Nucleus, is a (huge) populated English/French database system delivered with DSCAN. Each Nucleus' record contains, English, French, Information data, offering to the user a very sound base for technical and industrial translations. Other multilingual users will appreciate the information fields for genders, conjugation, part of speech, and cross-reference information between terms and subjects. It also offers thesaurus like function between English and French terminology.
40 Subjects The option Search by Subject offers the advantage to query the English / French Nucleus with 40 different subjects to choose from. For example, the user can ask for all the entries related to Financing and Accounting, Business Matters, Electrical, Mechanical, Home repair, Fluids technology, Audio/Video, or other technical related subjects.
Manual I do NOT offer any documentation. DSCAN is extremely easy to use! An user guide is installed during the setup process. The online help is accessible with the F1 key.
Windows The Windows Cut, Paste, and Clipboard functions are fully supported. You can clip strings from DSCAN to other applications. The target application will treat the strings as if they had been typed by you. You can also paste strings on DSCAN to start a search for their translations.
Work Space To keep the maximum free work space, the dialog boxes that are supposed to be used in conjunction with a word processor, display on the top side corners of the screen.
Updates As technology changes, the Nucleus is often updated. The DSCAN menus Setup > Setup/Update, allow the user to update the Nucleus, the Project/User Databases, and the text files with the minimum effort possible.

The Author: Dominique Gérard Schneider

Author French native speaker living in the USA since 1985 and currently an US citizen employed by Intergraph a Fortune 1000 Computer Company previously as a Senior Technical Writer/French Localization specialist. I was specialized in Interface, on-line help, and document translation for CAD/CAM software. Since 1988, I worked with Automatic Translation Systems such as Weidner Communication Corporation, DP Translator (UNIX), Transcend and Trados. I am now part of the Configuration Management and tool development staff for Geomedia products. More!
US Expertise Self-employed Translator, AutoCad drafter (85-88 Minnesota), Land Surveyor (88-90 Minnesota), Programming in DOS, UNIX, and Microsoft Visual Basic, UNIX for workstation and Network Management (CLIPPER), Macro creation for Microsoft Word, Publishing Software, CAD/CAM Software such as AutoCad, Mapcad, MicroStation, Automatic Translation Systems, and CAD/CAM Translator and Localization Developer / Configuration Management (90-to now). More!

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