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If you experience problems with any of the tools I created, or have questions, you can contact me for help. The GUI has been developed to be as user-friendly and error-free as possible. However, you may encounter problems with a command.

Problem solving is expedited if you supply the following information and a very detailed description of the problem when first contacting me.

You must give the following information:
- Name
- Your email address
- Operating System and software dates
- Computer type, CPU
- Exact error message received
- Does the problem occur n a specified file, on more than one machine, in different sessions, during the installation?
- Has the system/nucleus software configuration changed recently?
Please be as descriptive as possible. Include FULL details about the operation you were trying to perform and exactly what happened.  Include any error codes and/or messages you may have encountered. If you don't provide enough information about the problem you encountered, I will have to request more details from you.

Dominique G. Schneider & Irene N. Schneider.
DSCAN-UDM Copyright © 1996, 1997 [French & International Links].
All rights reserved.
Revised: April 28, 2004.

DSCAN-UDM, DSutil, Auto-Replace Pro and any accompanying modules are protected by copyright laws and remain the property of Dominique G. Schneider. The Software is designed to operate with an authorized key supplied by Dominique G. Schneider.
Provence France

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