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Thesaurus in Microsoft Word

When you use the Thesaurus in Microsoft Word, it may display incorrect synonyms or no synonyms at all. This problem occurs when you run Word version 6.0, 6.0a, or 6.0c for Windows (that is, any version of 16-bit Word), with a non-U.S. version of Windows 95 or a non-U.S. version Windows NT. Because the Thesaurus depends on the operating system's sort order, the Thesaurus sometimes displays incorrect synonyms. The Thesaurus file (Msthes.dll) corrects this problem. To do so, copy the msthes.dll to c:\windows\msapps\proof. Then, when you use the Thesaurus in a 16-bit version of Word for Windows with a non-U.S. version of Windows 95 or Windows NT, the Thesaurus will correctly display synonyms.
To obtain the file msthes.dll go to Microsoft.

If you use one of my tools, you have an English/French Thesaurus built-in with the Nucleus that allows you to search for translation as well as Thesaurus-related translations. This means you can search for a translation and then view associated terms in both languages. I am updating my Nucleus English/French Thesaurus on a daily basis.

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